Friends of Villa Grande



Friends of Villa Grande (FoVG) was established in July, 2007. The group’s primary purpose is to preserve and protect the property in Villa Grande known as Patterson Point.  Patterson Point Preserve’s two acres includes 26 coast redwoods and significant native flora and fauna, situated on the Russian River. As stewards of Patterson Point, FoVG will restore and maintain the natural features of the property for the benefit of residents, friends and visitors.

Villa Grande was founded in the early 1900’s (as Mesa Grande) for vacationers looking to escape the city. Located in western Sonoma County, It was just a three hour train ride on the narrow gauge railroad from Sausalito. Many of the homes in Villa Grande are Craftsman style originals, built for summer use only. Since few homes had full kitchens back then, members of the community often took their meals at the old Villa Grande Hotel.

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